Kitty Talk

I’m a Woman, See me Roar?

Did he hear you roar when he didn’t reply back to your text?
Did he hear hear you roar, when he returned your call 4 hours later?
Did your bestie hear you roar when she talked about the same thing for three hours?
Did the power company hear your roar when they wouldn’t give you an extension on your bill?
Did your boss hear your roar when they gave you another assignment an hour before you leave the office?
Did God hear you roar when it rained on your freshly new do?

Girlfriend, why aren’t you roaring?
You are? Says who?
Great! So now that I’ve got your attention and your thinking about your roar. Does your roar get results?
If you feel that your point isn’t getting across to people, the problem may be that they are hearing your roar and not seeing your roar. You have to stop letting them hear your roar and start letting them see your roar.

Are you afraid of showing your roar?
Do you feel like your roar will offend someone? Do you think your being a little too combative? Well, look at it like this…. animals prove their point all of the time. Do they feel guilty or are they scared they are going to offend someone? Of course they are not. They have a natural understanding that it’s their innate right to realize that they can and will speak their minds. Well, kind sort of.

Take the lion for instance. According to, “Lions use their roar as a way to remind other lions that they are in control over an area. Another reason for the lion’s roar is to reconnect with lions that might have traveled farther away while hunting or roaming. This allows the lions to find one another again and to check in with one another. All lions have a unique roar, which helps them to understand who is calling out”. So Lioness, allow your unique roar to bell out from within your loins, in your own unique way!

You got it? Ok, Ready, Set, Roar!

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