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Hey Sabrina & TK, I got a kinda racy question that always seems to start heated discussions between my female & male friends. Why do most women that I date want to plan out anything freaky? It seems like there’s some sort of prude law these ladies abide by…… Blow Jobs are allowed only after a ring is on her finger. Spanking is cool after being married for a year. Watersports after 6 years or the second child is born. And don’t even discuss anything anal before 10+ years. Shouldn’t dating be fun? As a dude I can walk and chew gum at the same time meaning yes I can I respect a woman who lets me go to brown town before marriage! Think about it would I rather spend 10+ years with a woman I know who’s fun versus 10+ years with a no BJ / Missionary Queen? What’s your take on kink & dating, and is there a right way or when should kink be brought up when dating/meeting women. Also is there a way to tell if a lady’s being polite but secretly is a brickhouse freak? – Thanks Some Dude

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